Dog Walking Service

Worried your dog isn't getting enough exercise or in dire need to release some energy?

I offer a few different options for your best friend to get fresh air. Your pooch will return home and will snuggle you with appreciation or go straight to their bed and snore with satisfaction.

The Adventure Stroll:
90 Minutes
Special Package: $100 a month, schedule once a week 
-gas included in prices-

I pick up your dog(s) from home and drop them back off! We take up to 90 minutes to go off and enjoy the different sights, smells and sounds of nature. It's a one-on-one play time for your dog(s), that includes oodles of fun, exercise and loving attention!

-We bring fresh water, and healthy treats-if compatible with diet plan-

Group Dog Walking:
30 minutes

If you find a Friend's pooch to join yours
ONLY $12.00

I will pick up and go explore with the pack. Group walking provides mental and physical exercise. Since dogs are social beings like humans, they will come home much happier after socializing and sniffing around. I provide a safe, fun, and stimulating time with the dogs as a pack! I pick them up and drop them off with you! Wonderful if you know a friend or neighbor dog to join yours! Otherwise we can arrange to meet altogether to determine if the doggies are compatible together and I will call each party individually to see if they feel comfortable. If not, we will try again until we find your dog the right pack! The Consultation of meeting each other is Free, and would be a short visit.

"A tired dog, is a happy dog"

"A tired dog, is a happy dog"



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