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Running Errands Service

Paws for a Break! Sometimes we need a break from the "Go-Go-Going" routine and sometimes we physically are not able to do it all . . . It's OK! Go Rest, or go enjoy something actually FUN while I efficiently complete your To-Do List for you!

*Special Package*:
5 hours for $100

(does not need to be used in a row)

Schedule up to an hour Errand Run $22.00

** Gas included ! **
within a 5 mile radius of Safeway in Sequim.

How it works:

~ You create a list

~ If there are any tasks on the list that involve purchasing items, you must provide money beforehand.

~ I will provide you with every receipt.

 ~I start the hour when I get to the first destination !

~ If exceeding the hour, pro-rates will apply.

With a list you've created, I can:

Get Groceries
Get Pet Medication/Prescription
Get Books from Sequim's Library/Library Returns
Dry Cleaning
Post Office Run
Vacuum, sweep and/or dust
Help set up for a Garage Sale
Take pet to groomer
Wait for Repair Man or Package
Take your car for an oil change
Pick up/deliver homework
Rent/return movies
Restaurant/Meal Delivery
Gift Shopping
Party Shopping
The list can go on and on...
How may I save you time today?

Gas included if within a 5 mile radius of Safeway in Sequim.
$1.00 per every mile traveled outside the radius