House-Sitting Service
Two Options
Daily Visits or House-Sitting

+ Add on House-Cleaning Service

Before contemplating a kennel, consider letting your pets stay in the comfort of their own home while you are away. If planning on leaving for a long time or even a day: I will be more than happy to call, text or send photos of your four legged friend and how things are going.

NEW! Bundle House-Cleaning Service for $30 added onto any other service.

House-Cleaning Service information found below.

$20.00 per visit
(one free consultation)
- Includes:

  • Always making sure home is safe, Checking on all pets in home, Watering Plants, & Mail Collection (upon request).
  • Getting Fresh Water, Playtime, Potty Break, Feeding, Nutritional Treats, Belly rubs, brushing/combing, clean and fresh litter box.

House- Visit Special Package: 

Purchase 5 visits , get $10 off

-Includes: everything listed above with "Daily Visits",

(one free consultation)
+ Morning watch, a  mid-day 30 minute check in,  & overnight stay.
+ a nice stroll in the neighborhood once a day (upon request)
+ blind/lights alterations to give your home a lived-in look


  • In Sequim: GAS INCLUDED  if within 5 mile radius of Sequim's Safeway

         + $1.00 per mile if exceeding radius

  • For House-Sitting Service: $30.00 will be added , if on one of these holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, Easter, or Thanksgiving.
  • For Daily Visit Service: $10.00 will be added if on one the holidays above.
  • Price includes taking care of ALL animals. I.e. Chickens, bunnies, birds, cats, dogs, lizards... etc.
  • To care for Large Livestock (horses, cows, pigs, sheep, etc.)

             $10.00 extra per day.

  • Shots (such as insulin, etc.) $10 extra per day.

Port Angeles House- Sitting:     $50 per day 
(GAS INCLUDED if within 5 miles radius of (2709  E. Highway 101) Safeway in Port Angeles.  +$1.00 per mile IF outside of radius)

NEW! House Cleaning Service

When House-Sitting, we always leave the place looking how it did when before we got there. NOW you can come back home to your fur-babies and a cleaner home then before you left!

Additional $30 includes:

  1. Thorough Vacuum of All Rooms
  2. Thorough Sweep of All Rooms INCLUDING Garage

& Your choice of ONE of the Following:

  • Mopping Kitchen & Bathroom(s) & Toilet(s) Scrub
  • Clean all Windows on the inside  & Window Sills

             (that don't need a ladder to reach)

  • Wipe Down Clean Fridge & toss expired food
  • Dust Entire House

Add $15 to each Task you want to add in addition






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